SpacePort Universe is a revolutionary retro style arcade game
where players can PLAY TO EARN. Game is completely
free to play for all users!

Play To Earn



SpacePort Universe is arcade style game similar to Galaga paired with the Binance Smart Chain via the SPC token. Non-SPC holders have the chance to win daily jackpots which can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars by having the highest score of the day. The game is free to play, holders passively earn tokens by playing, and holds regularly scheduled competition events to reward players with more SPC. Holders can also earn NFTs when they win daily high scores in game. Free players are limited to only winning high score jackpot earnings but cannot win NFTs.

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What Players Say About SpacePort Universe

Hi. I wanna thank you for all the effort you put on the game. I started a week ago and I almost doubled my investment, thank you so much for this great game. I also want to offer my help as support for the Spanish channel and the English one if needed.
Fran KT @ Discord
This is the only play2earn game that made me feel your full support on every single player of SpacePort. Your consistency on updates makes me feel so lucky to be part of this community. Thank you for your efforts. More pwoer to this project.
tusteboy @ Discord

Filipino community has a big faith in SpacePort! We believe in you and all of your future developments and plans in this game. What I truly love about this project is that WHALES cannot control and manipulate the market. We all hope that we’re gonna go to the MOON and once all of us become millionaires, your’re going to be a hero here in Philippines :D Salamat Shopee.

Randolph @ Discord

Started this game on Aug 16 with just $20, won $20 from one of your giveaways the next day. Added $40 when you were whale hunting with 0 tax. Played everyday, and then SpacePort skyrocketed! My tokens are now worth $400.

Now I’m actively sharing this game to my relatives and friends, lending them the starting funds to earn. I want them to have the same experience as mine. This is a really great help for us affected by lockdowns. Thank you for this opportunity!

SpacePort to the moon!

RainMain @ Discord

I saw SpacePort long ago but didn’t invest on it. I invested on the 18th for $200 as I am quite skeptic. I even used a dummy MetaMask for it. Cause of that my initial investment went down to $140. I was dumbfounded but it’s fine.

I played, sucked at the game, earned cents, and thinking of pulling out my investment, but then I saw how aggressive you are in marketing, how you really want the project to succeed. I love Shark Tank and this reminds me of what one of the shark said, invest on the person. So I invested $400 more. Got fortunately good at the game and now quadrupled my investment.

Most importantly I am not selling! More power Eldo! Got burned by some P2E but I believe that this is the one.

nutribun @ Discord


Prize Pool5%

Prize Pool

SPU Token charges a 5% tax from each transaction to the prize pool which is used to pay out winners.



Each transaction triggers a liquidity rate of 1%, which strengthens the price floor of SPU over time.

Dev Funds1%

Prize Pool

SPU Token charges a 1% tax to the development funds to keep improving SpacePort Universe.